23-Year-Old Wins World Series of Poker Title, $8.4M

by William White | November 6, 2013 2:04 pm


Ryan Riess, 23, won the World Series of Poker on Tuesday[2].

Riess beat his final opponent, Las Vegas club promoter Jay Farber, on Tuesday night. Riess’ win earned him $8.4 million. He said that he doesn’t yet have plans for the money. Riess has always had a knack for numbers. When he was in high school, he would hold $10 poker games in his parent’s basement twice a week. Riess noticed that he won most of the time and decided he should play more. He even vowed to himself that he would win the World Series of Poker main event. After he turned 18, Riess started playing poker at charity tournaments being held around his hometown of Watertown, Mich. He also found a job working as a card dealer and learned not to play poker so aggressively. Riess’ friends claim that he has always had a one-track mind for poker and that he started travelling and entering various tournaments after he graduated from Michigan State University in December, reports The Associated Press.

“Everything played pretty standard. No one had a huge blow-up and bluffed off their whole stack. Everyone was playing really solid and the cards ran my way today,” Riess told USA Today[3].

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