54 People Arrested in Protest Outside California Walmart

by William White | November 8, 2013 10:53 am

Walmart (NYSE:WMT)[1]54 people[2] were arrested during a protest that took place outside of a California Walmart (WMT[3]) on Thursday.

The protest, which included more than 200 people, took place outside of a recently constructed Walmart located in Chinatown. The protest was a peaceful one, until several people sat down in a circle in the middle of the road. When asked to move the protesters refused and police considered it an unlawful assembly. According to those who organized the protest, some of the people that were arrested were Walmart employees. The new store has seen protest since its planning stages. Most of these protest have been held by labor groups that criticize the company’s employment policies. A Walmart spokesman claims that the employees that were part of the protest amounts of virtually none of its 13,000 workers in the Los Angeles County, reports the Associated Press.

The protesters at the Chinatown Walmart claim that about 825,000 of the company’s employees make less than $25,000 a year and that the company retaliates against employees that take part in labor activism, reports the Los Angeles Times[4].

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