Acer’s New CEO Abruptly Resigns … Before He Even Starts

by William White | November 21, 2013 2:19 pm

acer_logo[1]Acer’s new CEO, Jim Wong, abruptly resigned on Thursday[2] before he even started.

Wong was set to take over as the company’s CEO next year, but he resigned before that could happen. He was going to take over the position from of CEO from J.T. Wang. Wong cites the company’s recent performance as the reason for his resignation. According to Acer, the two resigned from the company because it is eliminating the CEO position. The company went on to say that both Wong and Wang would stay on as advisers to the company. This will result in Acer’s founder, Stan Shih, temporarily taking over the duties of the CEO, reports Computer World.

“Due to the situation that now faces Acer and my personal social responsibilities, I must stand up and take the reign without salary,” Shih told AllThingsD[3]. “In addition, George Huang who is one of my co-founding partners of Acer will join with me and the management team to lead our company at this time.”

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