Aging Population Is a Plus for Clorox

by William White | November 22, 2013 9:50 am

The Clorox Company (NYSE:CLX)[1]The United States’ aging population could be a huge boon[2] for household goods company Clorox (CLX[3]).

At Clorox’s annual shareholder meeting Wednesday, the company announced that it expects to see more demand in its cleaning products due to aging baby boomers, reports the San Francisco Business Times.

Clorox’s professional services unit said that it is trying to convince hospitals to take more measures in fighting infections picked up in the facilities. How can hospitals fight such infections? With bleach and hydrogen peroxide — both of which CLX provides.

The company also says the same is true for nursing homes, and that caregivers can use Clorox products to disinfect homes, reports the SFBT.

Clorox’s stable includes a number of namesake-branded products of various forms, including liquids, wipes, cleaning tablets and even gel pens, as well as brands such as Pine-Sol, Formula 409 and Handi-Wipes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s website[4], one out of every 20 patients that are hospitalized will contract a healthcare-associated infection (HAI). A study published on the CDC’s website estimates that 70% of HAIs obtained by hospitalized patients are preventable.

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