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Best Places to Retire in the US for the Weather

These retirement destinations are the top cities to retire for perfect weather

By Burke Speaker, Investorplace Writer
best places to retire for the weather

Think of these places as your Goldilocks retirement cities: These best places to retire are not too hot and not too cold, with often perfect weather for your relaxing retirement years.

While every city is bound to have its setbacks, these are some of the top places to retire even outside of the great weather.

Check out this list of the best places to retire in the US for the weather.

#5 of the Best Places to Retire for Weather: Tampa, Florida

With an average winter low of 52 degrees, and 90 degrees in July, Tampa is a retirement destination that has been booming for years.

The city boasts a revamped downtown from just a decade or so ago, when beach shacks still lingered on the waterfront. Today, in addition to well designed golf courses, great restaurants, and even an arts and music scene, Tampa beckons with the ease of a cool Gulf breeze.

#4 of the Best Places to Retire for Weather: Wilmington, North Carolina

Looking south for retirement, but not looking too south? Consider yourself a “half-back” — those who’ve left Florida after considering it too hot and come, well, halfway back. The charming Southern beach town of Wilmington, North Carolina is a largely undiscovered gem — think Charleston before it boomed — with good real estate deals and even better weather.

With an average high of 90 degrees and an average low of 36 degrees in January, Wilmington offers nearby golfing, a surprising number of top restaurants, and easy-going living you can only find in the Carolinas.

#3 of the Best Places to Retire for Weather: San Luis Obispo, California

Ranked one of the happiest place in the US by a number of magazines and websites, San Luis Obispo sees an average high of 77 and an average low of 43 — perfect for those who hate the heat and hate the cold.

Situated just a hair inland from the coast but with yellow rolling hills and some of the best biking for those in their retirement years, San Luis Obispo is known for its sunny days and is one retirement spot that just seems to be growing by the day.

#2 of the Best Places to Retire for Weather: San Diego, California

Sailing is likely to be your sport of choice is you select San Diego as your retirement destination. The sailing is tops, as is the perfect weather with an August topper average of 77 degrees and a crazy-if-you-think-it’s-cold average of 48 degrees in December.

With a big city feel and a small-town charm, San Diego has a great music scene, excellent dining and shopping options, as well as a conservative underbelly in the county at large that offers a respite from other more loose California cities.

#1 of the Best Places to Retire for Weather: Honolulu, Hawaii

From a balmy 66 degrees in January to a perfect 88 degrees in July, Honolulu is the top retirement destination for those looking for that perfect weather location. Unlike Florida’s hurricane woes and California’s earthquake issues, Hawaii remains mostly free of at least yearly disturbances of this nature.

Add to that the exotic island feel while being embedded in an American city, and you’ll be saying Aloha! in no time.

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