Wednesday’s Biggest Stock Losers: BLOX, BRLI and More

by Burke Speaker | November 27, 2013 11:10 am

In early trading Wednesday, Infoblox (BLOX[1]) and Bio-Reference Laboratories (BRLI[2]) were among the stocks that were the biggest stock losers. BLOX stock and BRLI stock weren’t the only ones that suffered though.


Here are the other stock losers that started out having a very bad day, with mostly bearish trading volume of over 1 million.

Take a look at Thursday’s biggest stock losers.

Biggest Stock Losers

Infoblox Inc (BLOX[1], -22%): BLOX stock took a tumble in early Tuesday trading. While Infoblox’s Q1 results — adjusted EPS beat estimates, downbeat guidance for the year’s end has put slow growth worries into investors’ minds.

Bio-Reference Laboratories (BRLI[2], -18%): BRLI stock hasn’t had a good day, and it’s due to the company’s own outlook moving forward, which it admits to issues of “ongoing recalibration of reimbursement for the industry.” Which, of course, never bodes well.

Echo Therapeutics (ECTE[3], -12%): ECTE stock fell somewhat after a surprising jolt on Tuesday. The adjustment is fluid enough that it hasn’t erased the great gain made after the company announced solid performance on one of its medical testing trials.

Ariad Pharmaceuticals (ARIA[4], -10%): After a strong move upward, ARIA stock is headed downward. It’s a seemingly self adjustment that investors were somewhat expecting. The dip still hurts, as ARIA stock is down 78% year to date.

Camtek Ltd (CAMT[5], -9%): CAMT stock saw a strange surge this week that some called a potential pump and dump[6] — which was enough to send the stock back down somewhat. Still, it remains up 115% just in the past month.

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