Wednesday’s Biggest Stock Losers: NWBO, ONVO and More

by Burke Speaker | November 20, 2013 10:58 am

biggest-stock-losers-NWBO-ONVO[1]In early trading Wednesday, names such as Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO[2]) and Organovo Holdings (ONVO[3]) would among the stocks that were the biggest stock losers.

Here are the other stock losers that started out having a very bad day, with a trading volume of over 1 million.

Take a look at today’s biggest stock losers.

Biggest Stock Losers

Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO[2], -23.5%): Northwest Biotherapeutics was one of Monday’s biggest stock losers, after announcing a common stock offering. NWBO stock lost severely after months of gains, which were spurred by its development of immunotherapy products to fights cancers.

Organovo Holdings (ONVO[3], -11.4%): For a second day in a row, ONVO stock was a huge loser, with yesterday’s fall only making matters worse for the stock.

Seaspan Corp (SSW[4], -9.6%): Seaspan Corporation lost nearly 10% in early trading after pricing previously announced common shares at $22 . SSW stock is still up 32% year to date.

Intercloud (ICLD[5], -10%): After jumping to a nearly one-year high, Intercloud — a huge winner just days ago — stumbled a bit, falling some 10% as the stock struggled to regain its footing.

Voxeljet AG (VJET[6], -9.2%): Voxeljet AG just yesterday saw its VJET stock offerings jump 19%, but has fallen today more than 9%. Year to date it’s still up some 56%.

J.M. Smucker Company (SJM[7], -5.7%): SJM stock took a fall after Q2 earnings, which showed a 2% drop in sales. While SJM is up some 18% year to date, the poor Q2 report doesn’t look like it bodes well for the company in the near future.

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