Tuesday’s Biggest Stock Losers: ONVO, BBY and More

by Robert Martin | November 19, 2013 4:04 pm

The market moved lower on Tuesday, with several big-name stocks facing big-time declines. Organovo Holdings (ONVO[1]) led the way down, while big-box retailer Best Buy (BBY[2]) tumbled after reporting earnings.

biggest-stock-losers-onvo-bbyTake a look a closer look at today’s biggest stock losers.

Biggest Stock Losers

Organovo Holdings (ONVO[1], -27%): ONVO stock stumbled nearly 30% in Tuesday trading alone. The big-time cool-off, which made ONVO the ugliest name out of the biggest stock losers, came after Organovo stock had already posted a huge run. Year-to-date, ONVO stock is up 260% … even after the sell-off.

Lightinthebox Holding Co. (LITB[3], -22%): LITB stock has been moving the other direction so far in 2013, though. And Tuesday, Lightinthebox stock lost another 22%, making it one of the biggest stock losers, after reporting third-quarter earnings. The subsequent drop brought YTD losses for LITB to over 33%.

Chinacache International (CCIH[4], -19%): Another of the day’s biggest stock losers is CCIH. CCIH stock lost over 18% on Tuesday alone, putting a dent in a solid year-to-date run.

Biostar Pharmaceuticals (BSPM[5], -14%): Pharma stocks are pretty much a staple on this list of biggest stock losers, and BSPM stock took the prize on Tuesday. Biostar Pharmaceuticals stock lost over 14%, taking a bite out of BSPM stock’s year-to-date doubler.

Voxeljet (VJET[6], -13%): The next of the biggest stock losers in one of the 3D printing stocks — and one of the hottest ones at that. VJET stock recently soared reporting solid Q3 earnings[7], but it lost some of those gains on Tuesday. That seems inevitable considering shares of VJET stock had increase five-fold since hitting the market in mid-October.

Best Buy (BBY[2], -11%): BBY stock got pounded, even though Best Buy earnings were in-line with estimates[8]. So why did BBY stock fall 11% and make the cut for biggest stock losers? Because it warned that margins could suffer in Q4.

Stratasys (SSYS[9], -9%): And to continue with the theme of 3D printing stocks, SSYS suffered a 9% drop as well, causing many to wonder if 3D printing stocks have reached a top.

Yingli Green Energy (YGE[10], -9%): Solar stocks have been hot, but cooled off on Tuesday. In fact, YGE stock make the cut for biggest stock losers after dropping 9%.

SolarCity (SCTY[11], -8%): Another of the solar stocks made the cut for biggest stock losers. SCTY stock dropped around 8%, cooling YTD gains off to just 290%. Poor SCTY.

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