Thursday’s Biggest Stock Losers: SGOC, VJET, and More

by Burke Speaker | November 21, 2013 10:56 am

biggest-stock-losers-sgoc-vjet[1]In early trading Thursday, Sgoco Group (SGOC[2]) and Voxeljet (VJET[3]) would among the stocks that were the biggest stock losers. SGOC stock and VJet stock weren’t the only ones that suffered though.

Here are the other stock losers that started out having a very bad day, with mostly bearish trading volume of over 1 million.

Take a look at Thursday’s biggest stock losers.

Biggest Stock Losers

SGOCO Group Ltd (SGOC[2], -30.4%): SCOG stock took a huge tumble in early trading, making it the biggest stock loser. Its financial release showed a seasonal slowdown, which in part may have leg to its market slog, but overall SGOC stock is up some 308% year to date.

Fab Universal Corp (FU[4], -24.9%): FU stock hasn’t had a good week, and was one of the biggest stock losers Thursday. Fab Universal stock is down 24% today but over the past five days it’s dropped 45%. FU stock is taking a tumble after allegations arose concerning allegations of failing to disclose more than $100 million RMB debt.

Liquidity Services (LQDT[5], -15.5%): LQDT stock is not only having a bad day, and is one of the biggest stock losers with less than stellar earnings. It’s also having a bad year. LQDT stock is down some 15% today in morning trading but year-to-date it’s worse — a 46% fall.

Intellipharmaceutics International Inc (IPCI[6], -10%): After jumping some 90% in the past three months, IPCI stock is struggling to steady itself. In fact, IPCI has had so much volatility that it’s making investors seasick. This week IPCI was hyped up, but has fallen back to earth somewhat.

Voxeljet (VJET[3], -8.4%): The question investors are wondering with VJET stock is this: Where is the bottom? The frothiness of 3D printing stocks is shown perfectly in VJET stock, with a 30% drop in the past week. Read more on the worries that investors should have with 3D printing stocks here.[7]

Oncolytics Biotech (ONCY[8], -6.3%): ONCY has been another of the biggest stock losers. And more bad news: ONCY stock is down some 40% year-to-date.

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