Friday’s Biggest Stock Losers: VMEM, TFM, and More

by Burke Speaker | November 22, 2013 10:39 am


Violin Memory Inc (VMEM[2]) and The Fresh Market (TFM[3]) are not having a good day. Both are among the biggest stock losers as of earning morning trading on Friday.

VMEN stock and TFM stock weren’t the only ones that suffered though.

Here are the other stock losers that started out having a very bad day, with mostly bearish trading volume of over 1 million.

Take a look at Friday’s biggest stock losers.

Biggest Stock Losers

Violin Memory Inc (VMEM[2], -45%): VMEM stock took a huge tumble in early trading, after its financial earnings showed to be a sad state of affairs. The GAAP net loss was $34.1 million, or $0.85 per share, compared to a net loss of $25.4 million, or $1.79 per share a year ago.

The Fresh Market (TFM[3], -19.9%): Faced with low consumer spending and earnings that fell below what analysts and even the company expected, TFM stock has fallen since yesterday and continues its plunge. Take a closer look at what’s happening to TFM stock here.[4]

Nordic American Tanker Shipping Limited (NAT[5], -9.5%): NAT stock took a bit of a fall on Friday after announcing a public offering. The tanker shipping company has had an up and down year, though with today’s drop marks it at down 8% year to date.

Ross Stores (ROST[6], -8%): ROST stock is getting a light beating after its less than stellar earnings report. Its updated earnings per share guidance of $0.97-1.01 for the period, below the Thomson Reuters consensus estimate of $1.08.

Universal Display Corp (OLED[7], -7%): OLED stock dropped some 8% in early Friday trading, but it still has a cushion of being up 35% year to date to keep out of the danger zone.

Combimatrix Corporation (CBMX[8], -5%): CBMX stock has been another of the biggest stock losers. The drop sets it down 43% year to date.

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