Connecticut Town Picked to Supply Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

by William White | November 7, 2013 1:00 pm

A Connecticut town has been selected[1] to provide the Christmas tree for Rockefeller Center.

The town of Shelton will be sending the Christmas tree 70 miles away so that it can stand in New York City. This will be the second time in a six year period that the Rockefeller tree will have come from the town of Shelton. The tree is being guarded by police and is expected to be cut down and sent on Thursday. The tree will be transported to New York City by tractor trailer. Mayor Mark Lauretti says that providing the Rockefeller Christmas tree is a big deal for Shelton. The ceremony to light the Christmas tree is scheduled to take place on December 4. The tree will remain lit until January 7, reports the Associated Press.

The tree selected to go to the Rockefeller Center this year is 76 feet tall, 47 wide and weighs 12 tons. The tree is estimated to be between 75 and 80 years old an is reaching the end of its life cycle, reports the Shelton Herald[2].

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