Cracked Windshield Forces American Airlines Flight to Land in Orlando

by William White | November 13, 2013 2:26 pm

American Airlines[1]A cracked windshield[2] forced one of AMR’s (AAMRQ[3]) American Airlines’ flights to land in Orlando, Fla. on Tuesday.

The flight was heading to Boston from Miami when the windshield cracked. The flight landed late on Tuesday and its passengers were moved to another plane that made it to Boston on Wednesday. There was a total of 156 passengers and crew members on the flight, but no one was inured due to the cracked windshield. According to Andrea Huguely, an Airlines spokeswoman, cracked windshields don’t happen very often. The plane that had its windshield cracked has been removed from service and will be repaired, reports the Associated Press.

Passengers of the plane with the cracked windshield, a Boeing (BA[4]) 757, made it to Boston about 2 1/2 hours after their flight was scheduled to land. The plane was originally expected to land at 11:50 p.m on Tuesday, reports USA Today[5].

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