DuPont and Deere to Team Up to Take on Monsanto

by Christopher Freeburn | November 8, 2013 9:33 am

wheat 630 istockphoto[1]Competition among companies looking to offer advise farmers how to optimize their harvests has led a chemical giant and agricultural equipment maker to form a partnership.

DuPont (DD[2]) and Deere & Co. (DE[3]) are joining forces to introduce programs aimed at providing “precision agriculture” guidance to farmers next year. The alliance comes on the heels of Monsanto’s (MON[4]) recent $1 billion purchase of weather forecasting data provider The Climate Corp., and its 2012 acquisition of Precision Planting, Reuters notes.

In 2014, Monsanto — infamous for its genetically modified crop seeds[5] — plans to debut an agricultural analytics service in a number of Midwestern states.

The DuPont-Deere alliance will respond by providing services geared toward advising farmers about a range of issues including pest control, harvest times, crop maintenance and planting techniques.

Shares of DuPont and Monsanto were flat in Friday pre-market trading, while Deer slipped modestly.

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