EBay Plans Major Expansion of Its Shoppable Store Windows Test

by Christopher Freeburn | November 21, 2013 10:34 am

ebay logo 630[1]After a successful trial in New York City, eBay (EBAY[2]) hopes to add its digital presence to more malls[3].

The Internet auction giant has installed three huge touchscreens at San Francisco’s Westfield Mall. The screens — which measure 10 feet per side — will allow consumers to view product listings and make purchases through their smartphones. The screens, which eBay calls “connected glass” will display products from various retailers, including Sony (SNE[4]), from Nov. 20 until Jan. 21, USA TODAY notes.

An eBay official said the San Francisco screens were not a test program, but part of an effort to rollout retail touch screens at more retail locations. “This is a thing we’re going to scale,” he said.

Earlier this year, eBay put up similar displays selling products[5] for Fifth & Pacific’s (FNP[6]) new Kate Spade line in Manhattan. While eBay hasn’t revealed how many sales those screens produced, the trial was apparently successful enough to move the program forward.

The large touchscreen benefit retailers by allowing them to generate revenue after hours and from closed storefronts. For eBay, the screens allow it to achieve the foothold in brick-and-mortar retail space.

Shares of eBay rose slightly in Thursday morning trading.

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