Farmers Love New Robot Cow-Herder

by William White | November 15, 2013 1:40 pm

A new robot may make it easier[1] for farmers to herd their cattle.

The new robot, named Rover, was developed by a team at Sydney University. The team created Rover to see if they could make a robot that would help farmers with more than just milking cows. The team tested Rover, and researchers were surprised by how easily the cows responded to the robot. Rover needs a human to operate it, but the hope is that farmers will be able to use automated robots in the future. The Sydney University team showed off Rover earlier this year and has since obtained funding to make a Rover Mark II, reports BBC News.

Rover could turn out to be a huge help for Australian farmers. The country is currently facing a shortage of farm workers[2] and has been importing workers to make up for the shortage.

Below is a video or Rover in action.


Robots aren’t the only technology helping farmers. A new high-tech storage system allows apple farmers to store their crops and keep them fresh for up to a year[3].

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