3D Printing, Facebook Marketing & Other Fastest-Growing Jobs

by Burke Speaker | November 26, 2013 9:09 am

Freelancers and contract workers can look to an increasing growth of tech jobs. The following are the fastest-growing jobs in the US, with 3D printing and Facebook (FB[1]) marketing two of the big freelance jobs in the near term.

Of course, the rise and growth of these industries may not surprise those following the movers and shakers on Wall Street: 3D printing stocks such as 3D Systems (DDD[2]), Stratasys (SSYS[3]) and Voxeljet (VJET[4]) have shown big promise in 2013, with DDD stock nearly doubling since Jan. 1 and SSYS stock handily beating the market as well.

FB stock, still facing certain challenges, is up some 90% in the last 12 months.

Check out the fastest-growing jobs for freelancers below:

Fastest-Growing Jobs for Freelancers (#10) Android Development[5]

The Android developer community[6] just keeps growing. Forbes notes a 14.8% increase in job opportunities from Q1 to Q2 2013, and from the looks of what Google (GOOG[7]) is pushing out — from Glass to its smartwatch — these projects are in high demand.

Fastest-Growing Jobs for Freelancers (#9) Sales[8]

As the economy slowly but steadily churns forward, sales is one of the arenas for fastest-growing jobs. Forbes found a 15% increase in sales jobs from first to second quarter of this year, making it ninth on the list of fastest-growing jobs.

Fastest-Growing Job for Freelancers (#8) Facebook Marketing[9]

As the world’s biggest social media platform, Facebook present a huge opportunity for businesses worldwide to reach customers — and they’re increasingly looking for help. Forbes found a 16% increase in sales jobs from Q1 to Q2 of this year.

Fastest-Growing Job for Freelancers (#7) Ebay Auctions[10]

To sell goods and services on Ebay (EBAY[12]), businesses (and even regular users) need listings and fulfillments. These types of EBAY contract jobs jumped 16.2% between quarters, making it seventh on the list of fastest-growing jobs.

Fastest-Growing Job for Freelancers (#6) 3D Rendering[13]

As already noted, 3D printing is booming this year, with companies increasingly embracing this technology in everything from cars to candy. As a result, 3D printing stocks have been on fire … and 3D printing jobs have exploded too. Forbes saw a more than 17% growth between quarters.

Fastest-Growing Job for Freelancers (#5) Photoshop Design[14]

Companies need websites and marketing materials to look nice, and these jobs are in high demand, with a 19.4% increase in demand. That makes this gig the in the top five for the list of fastest-growing jobs.

Fastest-Growing Job for Freelancers (#4) Illustration[15]

The tech field is always looking for strong illustrators and with more developers and project taking off every day, these jobs have increase 19.9% from Q1 to Q2 this year, according to Forbes.

Fastest-Growing Job for Freelancers (#3) Report Writing[16]

As business sees more growth, they’re outsourcing the internal report writing more and more, with a 20.5% growth. That makes this gig snag the bronze medal for the list of fastest-growing jobs.

Fastest-Growing Job for Freelancers (#2) Accounting[17]

Forbes found this job growth at a 23.3% growth between quarters this year, making it one of the best fastest-growing jobs for the year.

Fastest-Growing Job for Freelancers (#1) Powerpoint Creation[18]

Microsoft (MSFT[19]) Powerpoint just takes such time that many companies are more and more deciding to outsource the work to freelancers and contractors. At a 35.4% increase in job opportunities from Q1 to Q2 of this year, it’s the fastest-growing job for freelancers out there today.
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