Gap Testing Reserve Online, Buy & Pick Up in Stores

by Karl Utermohlen | November 13, 2013 2:38 pm

Gap (GPS[1]) has been doing well over the past decade and the company is looking to grow even more with its ‘Reserve’ program.

Women’s Wear Daily reports[2]The Gap[3] that the $16 billion retailer’s initiative will benefit both customers who prefer to shop online and those who prefer to test an item at a store. ‘Reserve’ is a program that allows customers to reserve an item on Gap’s website before showing up at a store and picking it up.

The program is more elaborate than many online reserve programs as it allows users to find out if an item is in stock in a nearby Gap store on a real-time basis. Additionally, customers can find out if they have the item in the customer’s preferred color and size and it even gives them the probability of getting the item once they show up.

Gap CEO Glen Murphy said that 80% of the retailer’s customers prefer going to the store and trying out the product over ordering items online. The company hopes that customers will find the ‘Reserve’ initiative both convenient and practical.

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