‘Godzilla’ Platypus Fossil Discovered

by Karl Utermohlen | November 5, 2013 2:15 pm

Scientists have discovered the fossil of a new platypus-like species that lived millions of years ago.

CBS News reports that the tooth[1] of an Obdurodon tharalkooschild — also known as the ‘Platypus Godzilla’ — was found in the Riversleigh World Heritage Area in Queensland, Australia. Many scientists thought that the modern-day platypus could be connected to the beginning of time, but this fossil shatters that theory.

These godzillas are unrelated to the platypus currently in existence and they were also about twice the size. The fossil shows us that this animal existed somewhere between 5 and 15 million years ago and it was probably a mostly aquatic animal that lived around freshwater pools.

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