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The Biggest Fear in Retirement, and the ‘Gold’ Solution

Investing in the precious metal for the future

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Jeff: As a retirement specialist, what do you recommend?

Dennis: It is better to be safe than sorry. We don’t know for certain that currency controls are coming, but as a retirement planner, I have to ask your readers, will you be prepared if they do?

Keep in mind that offshore health care is generally less expensive than in the US. The quality in many places is every bit as good, and wait times will almost certainly be less than what will soon be the reality here. Medical tourism is a booming industry for these very reasons.

The bottom line for me is that internationalization of a portion of our assets is vital. And like I said, precious metals are the best place to start. Offshore storage has the added advantage of inflation protection—should our dollar become worthless, our gold and silver holdings will appreciate accordingly. I think this is now a crucial part of retirement planning.

I can tell you that my wife and I have a good part of our nest egg offshore. In fact, I used to view the offshore choice as a risky one—now I see not having assets offshore as a much greater risk. I encourage all who will listen to diversify internationally—and soon.

Jeff: I appreciate your candor, Dennis. I’ve been able to spend some time getting to know you since you started work at Casey Research, and I know you are very sincere and only want to help your readers.

Dennis: Thank you, Jeff. If I can help one person avoid a catastrophe, it will be worth it. If something drastic happens like what occurred in Cyprus, I suppose some might thank me for warning them. I obviously would prefer the situation not deteriorate to that level, but I think we would all sleep better knowing we’re prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Jeff: Do you cover things like this in Miller’s Money Forever?

Dennis: Our mission is to show people how to build their nest egg and then make it last so they can sleep well at night and not have to worry about money. Our portfolio is doing very well—but a retirement portfolio is much more than just owning a few stocks that are performing. Our analysts have been doing what Doug Casey recommends: looking where others are not. We have found some safe, solid income builders that will perform regardless of the direction the market takes. In our last analyst meeting, we identified some candidates for next month’s issue, too. When you combine strong yield with safety, it’s pretty easy to get excited about it.

I encourage anyone who plans on having a quality retirement to watch my short video on the right side of our page. In my humble opinion, Miller’s Money Forever is probably the best $8.25 per month you’ll ever spend.

Jeff: I’m sure anyone serious about their retirement will want to do so. As I’ve told you, my father is a big fan of yours. Thank you for your insights, Dennis.

Dennis: My pleasure, Jeff.

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