Google Fiber Coming to Provo, Utah

by Christopher Freeburn | November 15, 2013 10:27 am

optical_fiber_630_flickr[1]Residents of Utah’s third largest city will soon have super-fast Internet connections[2].

Google (GOOG[3]) has started extending its Google Fiber service to homes in Provo, which has a population of more than 112,000. The company says that residents who previously received Internet service through the Veracity network will receive Google Fibre connections first, the Associated Press notes.

Residents who pay a $30 connection charge will receive regular service for seven years. Faster connections will cost $70 a month. A TV and Internet service option is also available for a monthly charge of $120.

The Internet search and technology giant hopes to begin expanding Google Fiber connections to Provo’s other homes early in the new year.

Earlier this year, Google tapped Provo as the third U.S. city where it would roll out its high-speed Internet service[4].

Provo jointed Austin, Texas, and Kansas City, Mo., as the first cities wired with Google Fiber[5] .

Shares of Google slipped slightly in Friday morning trading.

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