High-Sodium Meds Pose Several Health Risks

by Christopher Freeburn | November 27, 2013 11:00 am

prescription drugs[1]A new study has found that a significant number of medications contain potentially hazardous levels of sodium[2].

The report, which was published in the British Medical Journal on Tuesday, found that patients who took drugs with high sodium levels had a 28% higher overall risk of dying and a were 22% more likely to suffer a non-fatal stroke compared to patients taking the same drugs without sodium, the Los Angeles Times notes.

British researchers examined 24 medications that came in soluble, powdered and effervescent forms. Those versions of popular drugs tend to include high levels of sodium.

They tracked more than 1.2 million patients for seven years using U.K. medical records. Of those patients, more than 61,000 suffered a non-fatal stroke or cardiac event. The researchers then examined the medications taken by those who experienced medical problems to determine how many were taking high-sodium drug versions.

Researchers called for better drug labeling to show sodium content and increased warnings to patients about the dangers of increased sodium intake.

Drugs considered in the study included commonly used medications like aspirin, calcium and zinc supplements, metoclopramide and acetaminophen.

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