History Channel to Remake Iconic ‘Roots’ Miniseries

by William White | November 6, 2013 1:36 pm

The History Channel is planning to remake[1] the iconic 1977 Roots miniseries.

The original Roots miniseries, which first aired 36 years ago, had a major impact on the nation and its final episode is still the third most watched television episode to date. History bought the rights to remake the TV series from Mark Woloper and the estate of Alex Haley. Mark is the son of David Wolper, who was the producer of the original series, and Haley wrote the book Roots: The Saga of An American Family, which is what the show was based off of, reports The New York Daily News.

History is currently preparing to hire writers to work on a script for the miniseries. The writers will use both the original miniseries and the book it was based off of to create the script for the new miniseries. Mark Woloper has already been signed on as a executive producer for the remake. The remake of Roots will only run for eights hours as compared to the original’s 12-hour runtime., reports Television Blend[2].

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