Justin Bieber May Never Want to Set Foot in South America Again

by Karl Utermohlen | November 11, 2013 1:06 pm

Justin Bieber has now cancelled two shows during his South American tour after stopping in the middle of his set during an Argentina show.

The Associated Press report[1]s that the pop star said he had food poisoning and stopped performing in Buenos Aires’ River Plate stadium. His manager claimed that the young singer spent eight hours on an IV drip on Sunday in order to be healthy enough to perform for his fans.

Despite these efforts, Bieber wasn’t on stage until an hour and a half after he was scheduled to sing and he only lasted an hour before walking off stage. Earlier that week, he had to leave the Faena hotel in Argentina after  wild girls were causing mayhem outside the hotel.

Bieber also walked off the stage during a Brazil concert after someone allegedly threw a plastic bottle at him. There was also a video circulating the internet of the 19-year-old sleeping in a Brazil bed after allegedly having sex with a Brazilian prostitute.

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