Katy Perry Kicks Justin Bieber Off Twitter Throne

by William White | November 5, 2013 2:11 pm

Katy Perry[1]Katy Perry has surpassed[2] Justin Bieber as the Twitter user with the most followers.

Perry, who released her new album Prism in October, now has 2,000 more followers than Bieber. This puts her at over 46 million followers on the social media website. Bieber had held the position of Twitter user with the most followers since January. Before him, Lady Gaga had sat atop the Twitter throne since 2010. Gaga now ranks in third place with a strong following of 40 million users, but other figures, such as President Barack Obama, who has 39 million followers and Taylor Swift, who has 36 million followers, are close behind her, reports The New York Daily News.

Perry is also beating Bieber on Facebook (FB[3]). She currently has 59.26 million[4] friends compared to Bieber’s 57.28 million.

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