Kohl’s Turns to Twitter, Jennifer Lopez for Unique Ad Campaign

by William White | November 22, 2013 1:43 pm

kohls kss[1]Kohl’s (KSS[2]) is turning to Twitter (TWTR[3]) and Jennifer Lopez for a unique ad campaign[4] that will air during the American Music Awards on Sunday.

The campaign will feature several short commercials with an unfolding story that is controlled by viewers. The commercials, which will include Kohl’s in some way, will show Lopez as she tries to make her way to the American Music Awards during heavy traffic. Each of the commercials will end with Lopez having two options for how to proceed to the award show. Viewers will be able to vote on the path that Lopez takes via hashtags on Twitter, reports The New York Times.

It’s kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure book.

For example, the first commercial will end with Lopez having the option to either run across the roofs of cars to try and make it to the show, or hitching a ride on a moped that is weaving through traffic. Twitter users can vote for either of the paths with the hashtags #JLoRoofRun or #JLoHitch, the NYT notes.

“Creating immersive experiences for viewers is a core catalyst in driving successful advertising initiatives,” Geri Wang, ABC’s sales president, told The Wall Street Journal[5].

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