Lions Kills Lioness in Front of Shocked Dallas Zoo Visitors

by Karl Utermohlen | November 19, 2013 12:08 pm

Dallas Zoo visitors were shocked when they saw two male lions kill a lioness right in front of their eyes.

During the zoo’s Giants of the Savanna exhibit, the lions attacked 5-year-old lioness Johari[1]Lion[2] for reasons that have yet to be determined, according to CBS News. Eyewitnesses said that one of the male cats bit Johari on the throat before the other one jumped in for the kill. A necropsy revealed that the cause of death was suffocation.

One witness said that they couldn’t tell whether the animals were playing or fighting until they saw Johari limping and knew something was wrong. Zoo officials cleared the area and examined the lioness to see what happened.

They will launch an investigation that will take weeks or maybe months in order to figure out what Johari’s behavior was like before she was killed.

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