New Dinosaur Species Found in Utah

by William White | November 7, 2013 12:35 pm

Paleontologists have discovered the remains of a new dinosaur[1] that is related to the T-Rex.

The new dinosaur, named the Lythronax argestes, was discovered in Utah in 2009, but it wasn’t revealed until Wednesday. The dinosaur wasn’t announced when it was discovered because researchers wanted to make sure it was a new species before announcing their find. Lythronax, the first part of the creature’s name, means “king of gore”, which is appropriate since the dinosaur is a great uncle to the T-Rex. The dinosaur stood at 8 feet tall at the hip and was 24 feet long. The creature was also covered in feathers that created a soft down. Paleontologists believe that the Lythronax lived during the late Cretaceous Period 80 million years ago. A full-scale replica is on display at the Natural History Museum of Utah, reports Fox News.

A video announcing the new dinosaur can be viewed below.

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