Pinterest Heads to Online Stores With ‘Most-Pinned’ Lists

by William White | November 18, 2013 12:05 pm

pinterest_logo[1]Walmart (WMT[2]) and Target (TGT[3]) are included in the online stores that will be taking advantage of Pinterest’s most-pinned lists[4].

Pinterest has released its first application programming interface (API) that will allow online stores to feature Pins on their websites and mobile apps. The new APIs will allow online retailers to show off their products that have been pinned the most on the website. This change will allow online retailers to better show off items that are getting more attention on social media websites. This change could also bring a lot of attention to Pinterest and it’s likely that it will increase the amount of people that use the website, reports Mobile Marketer.

Pinterest is also planning to release three more APIs[5] in the next few weeks. The APIs are free to use and Pinterest benefits from them by being featured on major websites.

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