School Bus Carrying Children Skids Off Bridge Into Water

by William White | November 1, 2013 2:40 pm

A school bus carrying 10 children[1] went off a bridge and landed half submerged on its side in a creek in Kansas on Thursday.

The children, all 13 years of age or younger, climbed out and onto the side of the bus after it landed in a creek with fast-moving water. The bus driver, 60, called 911. Emergency personal showed up at the scene and used a line to pull the people to safety. The personal decided against using boats because of how fast the water in the creek was moving. The creek only had such fast moving water because of a flood that had occurred after a rain storm in the area a few days prior. The bus went off the bridge after the driver had driven onto a part of the road that was still submerged in water. The driver was taken to a hospital to be checked for hypothermia and one child was loaded into an ambulance. Police said that all of the kids were eventually turned over to their parents, reports the Associated Press.

The bus driver was injured during the crash[2] and remained in the water an hour after the bus had landed in the creek.

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