Top 5 Best Small Towns in America

by Burke Speaker | November 11, 2013 9:01 am

Travel & Leisure magazine recently announced its best small towns in America, based on reader surveys ranking a list of 755 small towns in the country.

Though some of these are — population-wise — not exactly small, all have that small-time vibe of community spirit.

Check out the Top 5 best small towns in America below.

#5: Amelia Island, Florida[1]

Historic homes, horsedrawn carriage rides, and small-town simplicity mark this town’s southern charm. The town boasts a colonial flair with miles of coastline just waiting to be explored.

#4: Beaufort, North Carolia[2]

Before the Outer Banks, this charming coastal town beckons with its history. Visit the museums dedicated to Blackbeard’s famed romps through the region. And get a taste of the Carolinas with its homegrown fruits and vegetables at its festive farmers’ market.

#3: Simons, Georgia[3]

This resort town — an island off the Georgian coast — is one place that you’d love to retire to. With sprawling coastline and great golf, this town earns high marks for its residents’ activity level.

#2: Estes Park, Colorado[4]

Bed and breakfasts and charming old hotels abound here — the famed Stanley Hotel was even the inspiration for The Shining — with great skiing and dining. This town is more luxe than some others, but still manages to retain that small-town feeling.

#1: Aspen, Colorado[5]

Nearly more city than town nowadays, Aspen is one spot that visitors love returning to. With fine dining, luxe hotels, grand shopping, and outdoor activities galore, Aspen is a delight for those looking to wander its beautiful streets and meet its always friendly residents.

Check out Travel and Leisure’s full list of best small towns here.[6]

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