Top Places to Retire Young in the US

by Burke Speaker | November 15, 2013 9:45 am

If you’re invested smart and somehow managed to pull off what every American dream of — retiring early — then there are some great locations where the activities and population tends to skew a bit younger.

CNN Money created a list of areas that are the top places to retire young.

(A quick note: “Young” in this case is pretty much in your 50s and below.)

Check out the top places to retire early below.

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#5: Burlington, Vt.[2]

A college town with a great atmosphere, Burlington offers an array of outdoor activities, with skiing at the top of the list. Though winters do get a lot colder than in other parts of the country, you can warm yourself with hot chocolate at the many great area diners. In addition to be embedded in an area that’s perfect for weekend treks and daytrips, the city is the home base to Ben & Jerry’s: Summer bonus.

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#4: Blacksburg, Va.[3]

With a youthful population that will keep you feeling young as well, Blacksburg not only has great places to shop and dine, but is surrounded by natural beauty as well. And the university offers many cultural activities to keep you entertained.

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#3: Logan, Utah[4]

Utah, you ask? But of course! This is another great city to retire young. With skiing and hiking till your heart’s content, Logan is an old-timely city with a contemporary feel. The population has grown dramatically, thanks in no small part to the outdoor activities and water sports that make staying indoors feel tired and dull.

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#2: Charlottesville, Va.[5]

While Thomas Jefferson — try as he may — just couldn’t get the vineyards here to be a success, Charlottesville is now considered the “Napa of the East Coast” with countless wineries dotting the region. The white wines are some of the best in the world — and been awarded such honors. Add in a great concert series in the summer and a thriving downtown scene, and you’re ready to enjoy a post-work life.

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#1: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho[6]

Its CDA to the non-French speaking crowd, but Coeur d’Alene (or, Core Da Lane) boats a tourist-loving area for boating, skiing, and nature hiking. Great restaurants and shopping cap off this hidden gem for the outdoor crowd — and those looking for a respite from the madness of corporate city-dom.

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