Tyson Launches Day Starts Breakfast Line

by William White | November 21, 2013 10:25 am

TysonFoods185[1]Tyson Foods (TSN[2]) announced plans to launch a Day Starts breakfast line[3] during an earnings call with analyst on Monday.

Tyson expects to start offering breakfast foods under the Day Starts brand as soon as January 2014. The launch will include seven new products that will range from biscuit sandwiches to wrapped omelets. Tyson said that the move into the new line will be aided by its “base of familiarity and positive perceptions,” with customers in the market. The company claims that 48% of customers that purchase frozen breakfast items also buy its frozen chicken, reports Food Business News.

Tyson said that its test marketing of the breakfast items went well[4] and that it expects the Day Starts breakfast line to be a win.

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