VIDEO: Kmart’s ‘Jingle Balls’ Ad Goes Viral, Raises Eyebrows

by William White | November 19, 2013 11:31 am

A new Kmart Christmas ad hit YouTube just a few days ago, and its racy nature is catching plenty of flak … but also some laughs.

The ad, which is titled “Show Your Joe”, features six men playing hand bells while standing behind a table. Shortly after the ad starts the table and hand bells are pulled off screen and the men, who appeared to be wearing tuxedos, are shown to be clad in Joe Boxers. The six men then start playing Jingle Bells by shaking their hips to ring their “bells,” reports ABC News.

The video has been met with both criticism and compliments[1] on Kmart’s Facebook (FB[2]) page.

“Not shopping at Kmart. Definitely tasteless,” and “Your ad is disgusting and very distasteful,” are a couple of comments from people who didn’t find the ad all that funny.

Not everyone found the ad to be offensive. “Love the new commercial,” and “I love the Show Your Joe commercial,” are a couple of comments from people who enjoyed Kmart’s ad.

This isn’t the first time an ad from the Sears (SHLD[3]) subsidiary has stirred up controversy with an advertisement. The retailer’s “Ship My Pants” ad was received similarly when it came out earlier this year.

Kmart’s Show Your Joe video, which currently has over 237,000 views on YouTube, can be viewed below.

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