Zucker Bakery Releases the Turkey Donut in Honor of Thanksgivukkah

by Karl Utermohlen | November 7, 2013 1:52 pm

There have been all sorts of bizarre food hybrids in the 21st century that many are reluctant to try but Zucker Bakery’s new pastry might be the strangest of them all.

Time reports that the Manhattan-based bakery[1] is now selling turkey donuts in honor of Thanksgivukkah, the combined Thanksgiving-Hanukkah holiday taking place on Nov. 28 this year. The sugary treat is stuffed with ingredients that are usually reserved for Thanksgiving dinner recipes including turkey, cranberry sauce and gravy.

Zucker Bakery is releasing four different Thanksgivukkah sufganiyahs which are traditional Hanukkah donuts. You can check out the donut flavors and other pastries on Zucker Bakery’s Facebook page[2].

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