3D Systems Announces 2 New High-End Printers

by William White | December 3, 2013 10:56 am

3D Systems (DDD[1]), announced on Monday[2], that it is releasing two new high-end printers.

The first of the company’s new printers is the ProJet 4500 full-color plastic 3D printer. According to 3D Systems, the ProJet 4500 is the first continuous-tone full color plastic 3D printer. The printer uses new VisiJet C4 Spectrum materials to produce its creations and it also gives them a high-quality surface finish. The ability of the printer to create ready-to-use products cuts down on additional time that would be used to put the finishing touches on products. 3D systems has yet to announce the release date and price of the ProJet 4500, reports SlashGear.

The second printer unveiled by 3D Systems is the ProJet 5500X. The ProJet 5500X is a composite printer that can combine flexible and rigid material composites at the pixel level. The printer is able to create working products for a large group of manufactures as well as prototypes. The ProJet 5500X can also print two times faster than any other printer in its class due to its industrial-grade print head, reports Azom.com[3].

DDD shares were up 2% as of Tuesday morning, continuing a 122%-year-to-date increase.

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