Why More Americans Are Shunning Diet Soda

by William White | December 10, 2013 9:45 am

More Americans are ditching diet soda[1] amid health concerns regarding artificial sweeteners.

Source: Flickr[3]

Companies including PepsiCo (PEP[4]), Coca-Cola (KO[5]) and Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS[6]) are facing slow sales in the area of zero and low-calorie sodas. Sales of these types of drink have decreased 6.8% from Nov. 23, 2012 through the same time this year. In comparison, sales of normal soda only dropped 2.2% during the same  time, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Hurting diet soda sales are the fears regarding the artificial sweeteners found in the drinks. Especially of concern is aspartame, which has been linked to cancer in some studies. Other studies have also showed a connection between diet soda and obesity, diabetes and heart disease, WSJ notes.

This hasn’t stopped soda companies’ efforts to advertise the drinks. Coca-Cola has a deal with country music star Taylor Swift to promote Diet Coke. Swift’s signiture can be seen printed on the side of the companies cans of Diet Coke. Dr Pepper Snapple is also working hard to promote its low-calorie drink Dr. Pepper 10, which is meant to appeal to men, reports WSJ.

“Our industry believes in the soft-drink business and sees opportunity for continued innovation and growth,” the American Beverage Association told ABC News[7].

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