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Marvel Heroes Alert: Paul Rudd to Star in Ant-Man Movie

'Ant-Man' film set for July 31, 2015 release

Ant-Man will be played by Paul Rudd in the upcoming Marvel movie featuring the character.


Rudd will be taking the role of Ant-Man in Edgar Wright’s entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Ant-Man film is set to kick off the “Third Phase” of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe on July 31, 2015, reports USA Today

Ant-Man is the name originally used by Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym in the comics. Pym uses a chemical that allows him to change size and also has a helmet that lets him control ants. He was one of a founding member of the Avengers, along with his girlfriend Janet van Dyne (a.k.a. Wasp). Pym has since passed down the Ant-Man title to Scott Lang, who stole Hank’s suit to try and save his daughter.

It’s likely that Rudd will play the Pym incarnation of the character, but Wright has also mentioned including Lang in the Ant-Man film.

The Ant-Man movie will have to compete against the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman, which is set to hit theaters on July 17, 2015. It was also recently announced that Wonder Woman will be making an appearance in the Batman vs. Superman film.

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