‘Avatar’ Sequels Will Be Filmed in New Zealand

by William White | December 16, 2013 1:29 pm

James Cameron, announced on Monday[1], that three Avatar sequels will be filmed in New Zealand.

Source: Flickr[2]

Cameron, the director of 2009’s Avatar, said that he plans to complete primary shooting for the three Avatar sequels in one go. He estimates that the process will take about nine months and that he will start it in 2015. Cameron plans to release the first of the three Avatar sequels by Christmas 2016, with the following sequels being released late in the following two years, reports Entertainment Weekly.

The announcement of the Avatar sequels is good news for the New Zealand film industry, which is slowing down now that Peter Jackson is almost finished with his Hobbit trilogy. The Avatar sequels will be made by Lightstorm Entertainment and Twenty-First Century Fox (FOX[3], FOXA[4]). New Zealand has announced that it will cover 25% of the cost to make the films so long as the companies spend a minimum of $413 million in the country during the process, Entertainment Weekly notes.

Cameron said that the story of the Avatar sequels will focus less on Jake, the protagonist of the first film, and more on his family and the different cultures on the fictional planet of Pandora. He has also denied rumors that the Avatar sequels will have a focus on water and instead claims that there will be both underwater and above water scenes in the movies, reports The New York Daily Times[5].

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