The Best Day of the Year to Buy a Car Is Days Away

by William White | December 10, 2013 10:43 am

The best day of the year to buy a new car is days away.

Source: Flickr[2]

According to Alec Gutierrez, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book, New Year’s Eve is the best day to buy a new car. This is because automobile manufacturers are looking to meet their goals for car sales this year. Some buyers may be able to get good deals through Jan. 2, which is the last day of car sales for 2013 for some companies, reports MarketWatch[3].

The best deals on cars on New Year’s Eve will likely be on 2013 models. Some car manufacturers are willing to offer customers bonuses to to help them make their purchases, such as 0% financing and cash rebates. Some 2013 Ford Motors (F[4]) and Lincoln models are eligible for 0% financing and several dealers will be offering a $7,000 rebate to those who purchase General Motor’s (GM[5]) Chevrolet Volt, MarketWatch notes.

Forbes has compiled a list of the 16 best deals on new cars in 2013. The list includes models from Chrysler, Cadillac, Volkswagen (VLKAY[6]) and several others. To see the list, click here[7].

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