British Airways Plane Wing Clips Building

by Christopher Freeburn | December 23, 2013 10:52 am

777 engine[1]Passengers on a London-bound British Airways plane preparing to take off from Johannesburg’s main airport had their travel plans disrupted when the jet’s wing collided with an airport building[2].

The Boeing (BA[3]) 747 carrying 202 people, including 185 passengers, was told by the tower to use taxiway B on its trip to the runway. However, the pilot errantly used taxiway M. That proved too narrow for the British Airways 747, which has a 211-foot wingspan. The plane’s wing hit the side of a nearby office building, slicing a gash in the building’s side and spilling propellant, Bloomberg notes.

No one on the British Airways jet was injured. Emergency workers contained the leaked fuel while passengers and crew were evacuated from the stricken British Airways jet.

Airplane wing collisions are not uncommon. In 2011, an Air France jet clipped the wings of a smaller Delta Airlines (DAL[4]) plane at New York’s JFK Airport. Though the Delta plane was spun around by the larger jet, no one was injured in the incident.

Though the 747 has long been the mainstay for long-haul international flights, newer twin-engine jets are increasingly replacing it[5]. The latest incident had not impact on BA stock, which rose in

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