Atlanta-Bound Delta Plane Slides Off Runway in Detroit

by William White | December 23, 2013 1:41 pm

A Delta Air Lines (DAL[1]) plane slid off a runway in Detroit[2] on Monday morning.

delta-planeThe Delta plane was bound for Atlanta. The plane was preparing to leave when it slide off the runway and it’s possible that it may have hit some black ice. No one was injured during the incident and passengers were escorted back to the terminal in a bus. All of the 180 passengers that were scheduled to leave on the Delta plane have had their flights rescheduled, reports USA Today.

The Delta plane was inspected and moved out of the way[3] by technicians after the event.

British Airways plane also recently suffered from an accident[4]. The plane was landing when one of its wings clipped an office building. No one was injured by the accident and emergency crews worked quick to clean up fuel that had leaked from the plane.

DAL stock was unaffected by the incident as of Monday afternoon.

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