Girl’s Glasses Deflect Bullet in Drive-By Shooting

by William White | December 23, 2013 12:07 pm

A 16-year-old girl’s glasses[1] deflected a bullet in a drive-by shooting that occurred on Sunday.


The teenage girl was asleep in the living room of her house in Seattle, Wash., when a dark colored sedan drove by a fired several shots at the home. One of those shots went into the living room and hit the bridge of the girl’s glasses. The glasses deflected the shot and the girl only suffered minor injuries. She was treated for those injuries at a local hospital, reports The Chicago Tribune.

“I heard a big bang and then my nose started bleeding,” Alonza Bryant, the teen whose glasses deflected a bullet, told Atlanta Journal Constitution[3]. “”I don’t know why somebody did this to me, to our family– shoot our house.”

There were other pople in the house at the time of the shooting, but no one else was injured. It’s unknown how may people were involved in the drive-by shooting. Police suspect that the event was part of a gang war and that the girl wasn’t the target of the drive-by shooting. Police have yet to arrest anyone for the drive-by shooting. They said that the girl was very lucky the her glasses defelcted the shot, The Tribune notes.

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