Google Drive Update – 3 Things You Need to Know

by Burke Speaker | December 11, 2013 11:00 am

On Monday, Google (GOOG[1]) updated Google Drive — its cloud storage and document synchronization app.

google-drive-update-googThose with an Apple iPod touch, iPhone or iPad are certainly rejoicing with news of a few new features for Google Cloud storage.

Here are three things you should know as you go ahead with the Google Drive download:

Google Drive Update #1 – You Can Finally Sort Files (Score!)

The Google Drive app at long last allows easier file sorting for its users — a huge win for those who pulled their hair out at the previous version. A great option included is the “last sorted by me” and “last edited by me.” A bonus: The Google Drive update gives users the ability to “Find and Replace” portions of text within documents.

Google Drive Update #2 – More Faster, Smoother and Efficient

You could always count on GOOG to have a smooth system for Google Drive. But with the update, Google took it even further with what it called “under the hood and usability improvements.” The results is a system that appears to run even smoother, quicker and more efficient than its previous version — definitely a reason to make a Google Drive download if you haven’t yet.

Google Drive Update #3 – Google Slightly Tweaked Its Interface …In A Good Way

GOOG also smartly decided that moving the location of buttons for creating a new document would be more user-friendly, and help with navigation. As users will note, its Scan feature is more prominent than before. (Scan lets Google Drive users to scan documents as .pdf files) You can store these docs within the app itself.

For those new or relatively new to Google Drive, Google offers its users 15GB of free storage to hold  file such as Word docs, video, audio or even apps.

Purchasing additional space and storage is not too pricey, at $5 per 100GB. Google Drive’s cloud services offer up to 16TB of storage.

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