Instagram Is Going ‘Direct’!

by William White | December 13, 2013 9:01 am

Instagram has announced a new feature[1], called Instagram Direct, that allows users to send media to specific people.

instagram[2]Instagram, which is owned by Facebook (FB[3]), now allows users to send a photo or film to up to 15 people. This is a big change to Instagram, which previously only allowed users to share a photo with the public. This change makes it so that users can share inside jokes or family pictures without having to show them to all of their followers, who might not be interested in the photos. The new feature also alerts users if a recipient of a photo or film liked it and will show conversation regarding the image or film in real time, reports the Irish Independent.

It’s important to note that Instagram Direct is currently only available on mobile devices. A new app for the feature can be downloaded through Google (GOOG[4]) Play or Apple’s (AAPL[5]) App Store, Mashable[6] notes.

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