China’s Jade Rabbit Makes Lunar Landing, Sends Moon Photos

Jade Rabbit sends moon photos back to Earth

By William White, InvestorPlace Writer

China’s Jade Rabbit moon rover made its lunar landing and is sending back moon photos of the satellite.

Source: Moon

The Jade Rabbit was carried to the moon by the Chang’e-3 rocket, which was launched on Dec. 2, and successfully achieved a soft landing on the moon. The Jade Rabbit is equipped with four cameras and can also collect soil samples. After being released from the Chang’e-3, the Jade Rabbit moved a short distance away and the two devices took pictures of one another and sent them back to officials on Earth, reports International Business Times.

The Jade Rabbit is expected to spend around three months searching the moon for resources, such as uranium and titanium.

China Plans to launch the Chang’e-4 rocket, which will act as backup to the Chang’e-3, soon. The country is also looking to launch its Chang’e-5 rocket in 2017. The Chang’e-5 will have a similar mission to the Jade Rabbit and is expected to bring back samples of the moon to Earth through an unmanned crew, International Business Times notes.


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