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Major Companies Say No to Checking E-Mail After Hours

Major companies are looking for ways to prevent worker burnout


Some major companies are taking steps to reduce the amount of business that makes it into their workers’ personal lives.

BMW is currently planning a new set of rules that will prevent its workers from being contacted after work hours and Volkswagen (VLKAY) turns off some of its employees’ email after they leave work. The decision to stop contact with employees after work hours isn’t companies being nice, but is instead about productivity. Employers have noticed that employees are getting burnout by the constant connection to work. This leaves employees coming to work, but not getting much done, reports the Associated Press.

The New York Times gives a definition of burnout in an article covering the subject.

Burnout is not just when you need a vacation to recharge. It’s when you feel overwhelming exhaustion, frustration, cynicism and a sense of ineffectiveness and failure.

The constant hammering on an employee’s life can also cause some workers to leave companies in search for better working condition. Replacing employees that have moved on can cost a company. One study suggest that the cost to replace an employee that makes up to $75,000 a year is one fifth of that worker’s wages. The cost only gets more expensive as companies look to replace high-paid managers, which can cost up to 213% of the managers’ salary to replace, the Associated Press notes.

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