Martina McBride Is Latest Artist to Boycott SeaWorld Over ‘Blackfish’ Controversy

by Christopher Freeburn | December 16, 2013 10:39 am

Pressure is rising on SeaWorld Entertainment (SEAS[1]) over the way its theme parks treat killer whales kept in captivity[2].

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A number of popular musicians are calling on other artists and fans to boycott SeaWorld in the wake of a documentary called Blackfish, which explores a deadly incident between an killer whale and a trainer in 2010. Country singer Martina McBride announced on her Facebook (FB[5]) page this weekend that she would boycott SeaWorld over the Blackfish controversy and had pulled out of events at the company’s parks, CNN notes.

The Blackfish controversy has seen a variety of high-profile artists join the effort to boycott SeaWorld. Willie Nelson, Cheap Trick, Barenaked Ladies, Heart and Trisha Yearwood have all announce plans to boycott SeaWorld over the past month or so in response to the Blackfish controversy. In Fact, McBride becomes the seventh major artist to join the movement to boycott SeaWorld.

SeaWorld has removed a concert schedule from its website. It also indicated that REO Speedwagon had cancelled its appearances at the park. SEAS hopes to replace acts that opt to boycott SeaWorld. SEAS says that the Blackfish controversy misrepresents the way its parks treat killer wales and that “animal extremist groups” were making untrue allegations about its practices.

Earlier this year, SEAS cut ticket prices at its theme parks[6] after falling attendance dented its profit outlook, pressuring SEAS stock.

Despite the Blackfish controversy and boycott SeaWorld campaign, SEAS stock edged higher in Monday morning trading.

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