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4 Reasons the New Godzilla Movie Will Be AWESOME

Everyone's favorite monster is back and bigger than ever ... literally

We’ve waited fifteen years for Godzilla to return to the big screen, but today, fans finally got their first real taste of the new Godzilla movie. And damn … it’s good.

new-Godzilla-movieOf course, Hollywood has nearly perfected the art of making awesome trailers for otherwise mediocre movies (I’m looking at you, Prometheus). But I don’t think that’s what’s happening, here. The new Godzilla trailer has every indication that this feature is going to be awesome, and I expect Godzilla games, Godzilla pictures and Godzilla videos to make a full-blown resurgence in 2014.

But I can see your skeptical faces, saying, “I don’t know… that Matthew Broderick one really ruined things for me.”

Don’t worry. The new Godzilla movie will purge those unpleasant memories from your mind. Here are the top four reasons the new Godzilla movie is going to be awesome.

New Godzilla Movie Awesomeness #1 – Size

Let’s get this one out of the way. When you talk about Godzilla, size matters. A Godzilla that’s too small just isn’t menacing enough.

But the Godzilla from the new Godzilla movie? He’s enormous.

The good folks at Empire Magazine made everyone a handy little size chart to illustrate exactly what I’m talking about. A 150-foot Godzilla might have cut it back in the 1950s, but things have changed. After the kind of all-out destruction we’ve seen in movies like The Avengers and Pacific Rim, we need to be reminded of just how monstrous Godzilla really is. We need to see Godzilla pictures that absolutely dwarf our memories of other monsters.

And a 500-foot behemoth wreaking havoc across entire cityscapes? Yeah, that’ll do it.

New Godzilla Movie Awesomeness #2 – Story

You might not think that story would be very important in a movie about a giant monster knocking over buildings. But you’d be wrong.

One of the things that made Pacific Rim such an effective film (despite its underperformance at the box office) is that the movie was more than just giant robots vs. giant monsters. There was heart and emotion behind it. And though we know little about the actual plot, the new Godzilla movie seems likely to follow a similar path.

The new Godzilla trailer only gives us the briefest tastes of story, but they’re all packed with emotion — just watch the opening sequence of soldiers nervously dropping in to the battle zone and tell me you’re not just as terrified.

Of course you are. It’s Godzilla.

New Godzilla Movie Awesomeness #3 – Actors

All that emotional resonance only comes with actors who can communicate those feelings to the audience.

The new Godzilla movie stars Elizabeth Olsen, who won a fair number of critics and film festival awards for her work in Martha Marcy May Marlene.  Not enough for you? How about Bryan Cranston, star of a little show called Breaking Bad. I think he might have won an Emmy or three for that.

Actors like that are going to make the new Godzilla movie better than ever.

New Godzilla Movie Awesomeness #4 – Director

Gareth Edwards has a very short resume for someone in charge of everyone’s favorite Japanese monster — just one other feature film credit before the new Godzilla movie.

But that other film gave him all the skills he needs to make the new Godzilla movie awesome. Monsters, which came out in 2010, followed an American journalist’s harrowing travels through a Mexico filled with alien beasts. And, really, all the important elements are right there: a journey infused with international elements, and also monsters.

It was a tiny film from a production standpoint: The budget was less than $1 million. As a result, Edwards did all of the visual effects himself, which probably gave him all the knowledge he needs to effectively communicate his vision to the CG artists on the new Godzilla movie.

Add up all of those factors, and you’re left with one heck of a new Godzilla movie.

Adam Benjamin is an Assistant Editor at InvestorPlace. 

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