$140 Raffle Ticket Wins Pennsylvania Man $1M Picasso

by William White | December 19, 2013 2:12 pm

A $140 raffle ticket[1] has won one Pennsylvania man a $1 million Picasso painting.

Source: Flickr[2]

The raffle ticket belonged to Jeffrey Gonano, who purchased it two months ago. Gonano, 25, was announced as the winner of the raffle on Wednesday. He said that he never expected to win the raffle when he entered it and that he doesn’t have any plans to sell the Man with Opera Hat painting, reports Fox News.

“I’m still in shock. I’ve never won anything like this before… Obviously,” Gonano told NBC News[3].

Gonano decided to enter the raffle after he saw an article about it on Yahoo News. The raffle was to support the preservation of Tyre, an ancient city located in Lebanon. There were a total of 50,000 tickets on sale for roughly $140 a piece. The aim of the group selling the tickets was to raise $6.9 million, Fox News notes.

The raffle even got the approval of Picasso’s grandson.

“My grandfather was a pioneer in everything, in his love life, in his artwork, so tonight I’m sure he would have helped the cause,” Olivier Picasso told NBC News.

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