Sick of Virtual Currency Bitcoin? Meet Dogecoin

But it trades for far less than more-established bitcoin

By Christopher Freeburn, InvestorPlace Writer

If virtual currency is your thing, and Bitcoin is getting just too respectable for your tastes, you now have a new option: dogecoin.


EU Banking Authority Speaks Out Against Bitcoin
EU Banking Authority Speaks Out Against Bitcoin

The new virtual currency was apparently launched as a prank, but has begun to attract followers. There is even Dogemarket, a Reddit community dedicated to trading dogecoin, TheVerge notes.

While dogecoin may finally be getting some notice, it isn’t nearly as valuable as virtual currency rival bitcoin, whose value has swung widely lately. Dogecoin currently trades at $0.00023. By contrast bitcoins are trading at over $700.

Still, the dogecoin movement may be growing with websites like and an official web home looking to persuade more online users to try the virtual currency and bitcoin alternative.

While dogecoin is just beginning its rise, virtual currency bitcoin is facing opposition from some regulators. China’s central bank recently ruled that bitcoin currency doesn’t have the same legal status as other currencies and forbade Chinese banks from trading in the virtual currency, sending its value tumbling.

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